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Tribute to Our Member Veterans

Our society gives many thanks to our many members who served in the military either during peacetime (Cold War) or during the major conflicts at home or overseas.

Please give thanks to our current and deceased or past 10 year or longer term members joining our society since year 2000 listed below having served in the military!

If we missed any members including our women veterans on this webpage, please send an email to [email protected].

Current Members
Jim Arndt, US Army, support in Thailand.
Don Benz, US Navy, radarman during the Cold War.
Donald Blanchard, US Marine Corps, Infantry, Helo pilot and instructor, Capt. in Vietnam
Howard Cappell, US Army, Corporal, Quartermaster during Cold War
John T. Crystal, US Air Force, Capt. in Munitions, served in Thailand and Korea.
Gary Davis, US Army, Armored Calvary, Staff Sgt in Vietnam.
Larry Doyle, US Air Force, Supply, Staff Sgt in Vietnam.
Bob Ericson, US Army, Corporal in the military police in Honolulu.
Ken Goldsberry, US Air Force, Lt. Colonel, Navigator, US Force Academy Admissions, WYO Air National Guard (38 years of service).
Gordon (Hap) Hazard, US Air Force, Sgt in Security Services during the Vietnam era & Tech Sgt in WYO ANG for 12 years
Frank Ianuzzi Jr., US Air Force, Sgt, translator in Vietnam
Robert (Bob) Larson, Montana & New Mexico Army National Guard, PFC radio repairman, Armored Calvary & Artillery units.
Al Laser, US Navy during WWII, fireman in the Pacific Fleet, Honor Flight recipient.
Len Ray, US Army and Army Reserves, SP3 in Clerical Services, served in France. Also a member of the Honor Guard.
Del Ritchhart, US Navy, Captain over Aviation Unit, served in Vietnam.
Bob Sandman, US Army, E5 in Administration at Fort Leonardwood, MO.
Richard (Rick) Searles, US Navy, Lt, F4 Phantom pilot during Vietnam War on aircraft carrier USS Ranger.
Howard Spivak, US Navy, Lt JG, Engrg & CIC aboard aircraft carrier in Atlantic during Korean War
Wayne Sundberg, US Navy in the Pacific Fleet during the Cold War.
Michael Werner, US Air Force, Captain, Moral & Recreation Services including USO Shows, Vietnam.
Roger Whiting, US Army and Army Reserves, Lt Col. Retired, Combat Hospital, Served 30 years w/ last combat in First Gulf War.
R. Glenn York, US Air Force, MSgt, Ground Radio repairman, served in Desert Shield/Storm, Okinawa, and England.

Past Members (Deceased or Past 10 Year or Longer Term Members)
Carl E. Badgley (1936-2012), US Air Force, Lowry AF Base in Denver.
Martha E. Badgley (1941-2010), US Air Force, Lowry AF Base in Denver.
Al Boswell, (living) US Navy, E5, electronics tech, during Vietnam War era.
Dr. Arthur Corey (1919-2018), US Army, Civil Engineering, WWII, European Theater.
Rev. Tyler “Ty” Curtis, (1933-2005), US Army, Sgt in Army Security Services, Korean War.
Relliford “Sonny” Hygh Jr. (1932-2018), US Navy, Korean War.
Boyd Johnson (1926-2018), US Navy, radio repairman during WWII on a destroyer, Honor Flight recipient.
Leonard Kopec (1931-2018), US Air Force, Lowry AF Base in Denver.
Thomas Phelan (living), US Navy, Lt Commander, Comm Officer on an Escort Carrier, WWII.
John Rinne, (1934-2018), US Marine Corps, Sgt Major during Vietnam War & Okinawa, Honor Flight recipient.
Rudi Rinne, (living) US Marine Corps, wife of John Rinne.
Marvin Shoop (1930-2016), US Navy, Naval Officer aboard CVA-38 USS Shangri-La based in Pearl Harbor, Korean War.
James “Jim” Willard (1926-2017) US Army during WWII & NSA.
Don Willson (1931-2017), US Army, Korean War.

PAMVETS Breakfast Club

Our member veterans and all veterans are encouraged to network at the weekly PAMVET (Proud American Military Veterans) Breakfast Club meeting on each Saturday morning from 8:00 to 10:00 am at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Loveland. Join over 100+ veterans from all services. Awards or acknowledgments given to various veterans at each meeting! Join your fellow vets for a fun breakfast at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, 1360 Sculptor Dr (at Hwy 34), in Loveland, CO.

High Plains Honor Flight

If you or any family member served in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, or are a Purple Heart recipient, consider taking the two day Honor flight trip with your fellow veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the many military memorials. You won’t regret it! FREE to all approved veterans! Over 3,000 veterans from Northern Colorado have taken the Honor Flight trip. Click on the above image to learn more and apply today!

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